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My heart belongs to you, so save me

and we shall flow a river forth and teeming with souls shall it ever be..

6 July 1986
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Let's see, Im a 21 year old lady living in Harrisburg. I recently left the cold outer limits of hell known simply as Slippery Rock to return to my roots. I have a pretty kickass fiance Wes, he's a pretty cool frenchman that I love very much. I have an animal farm here at my apartment, Three wonderful carpet snakes, Fonzi, Chubby, and Tiny. I also have my wonderfully delusional senile citizen cat Hex, who does some really bizarre as shit that scares us sometimes. But still, I enjoy his crazy antics. I love animals, all animals, and could really care less for most of the human population. Sometimes I can be irrational, bullheaded, bratty, and an ass. But hey, I think everyone has some quirks.

I have some awesomely strange phobias, which includes Cotton balls, paper towels, napkins, scratchy fabrics, and some other paper products. I said they were awesomely strange. I have an overload of useless knowledge, especially when it has anything to do with history. I would be a history major if It had a practical use at a bachelor's degree level. Im a criminology major, who has dreams of becoming a parole or probation officer, if my whole world domination via princess gig doesn't work out. I like to play video games, be outside, and just plain waste time. I think thats enough of a Bio for me.